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About Us

Travel AIP is a healing lifestyle brand passionate about expanding Autoimmune Paleo food, meal, and dining options. Our main value is inclusion. We are dedicated to expanding food and social lifestyle options for people who need AIP diets and including options for people who have autoimmune disease so they can participate in life. This brand is about having food in places that people with autoimmune disease need and that everyone likes, which is our standard for inclusion. 

What Is AIP

The Autoimmune Protocol or Autoimmune Paleo diet allows for individuals with chronic health conditions the ability to regulate their body through eating a nutrient dense diet free of allergens. In the absence of allergens the immune system is able to regulate itself. These allergenic or inflammatory foods include: nuts, seeds, eggs, grain, soy, dairy, additives, sugar, legumes, nightshades etc. It is also known as the eliminations diet. Once these foods are identified at a later stage, depending on the severity of the reaction, some individuals are able to reintroduce them at a later time by adding allergenic or inflammatory foods back in one-at-a-time to see how they react. Travel AIP is fully AIP compliant.  

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